Let your mobile phone speak Swyx

At the annual Swyx Partner and Technology Conference, we proudly present InstantSIM: World’s first SIM card that connects your mobile phone with your Swyx server.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is InstantSIM?

InstantSIM is a SIM card that connects your mobile phone with your Swyx server. The mobile phone just uses its mobile network, you do not need any data connection such as 3G/4G or WiFi, and you do not need any app. InstantSIM works with any mobile phone (even non-smartphones) that is able to handle current 2G/3G/4G-frequencies.

From Swyx server’s point of view, InstantSIM will work like a DECT phone for example. It will connect via SIP, and every call you place on the mobile device will be sent to your Swyx server 1:1. You dial 11, and the Swyx-user with phone# 11 will ring. That’s just as easy as it sounds.


What’s the roadmap?

On the annual Swyx conference, we will show a live demo. Afterwards, we will start the beta testing period with selected users.

Product launch should be in January 2018. By than we will be able to announce prices.

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What is the difference between InstantSIM and e.g. SwyxMobile app?

SwyxMobile will make a VoIP call using a data connection (WiFi or 3G/4G) that is handled as in-app audio. InstantSIM will make a native phone call that has priority over other apps and even the lock screen.

As of this, you will be able to use the phone also via bluetooth connection (such as car hands free equipment) or place calls for example via Siri.

Additionally, native phone calls will be more stable when travelling by car or train. 


So, InstantSIM can replace my mobile tarif?

Yeah… no! InstantSIM is not a real mobile tariff. So, amongst other things, you will not get any mobile phone number and you will not be able to send or receive text messages.

Even WhatsApp and other services will only work if you can use them with a fixed line number (the DID of the Swyx user).

As of this, we recommend 

  • to use InstantSIM with a stupid (non-smart) phone, like a European wide DECT device
  • or to use InstantSIM together with your existing mobile tariff in a DualSIM device


Will you offer mobile data for InstantSIM?

Yes. But as mentioned above, InstantSIM does not want to be an alternative to your existing mobile plan. So, the data packages will not be as sexy as they are from real mobile providers.


How do I handle call forwardings, transfer etc.?

During a call, you could use Swyx’ CTI+ feature codes such as *7 for hold/toggle, *9 for transfer.

In the idle mode, you will have access to a web app that allows you to configure call forwardings, DND etc. Usage of the web app does require a data connection (e.g. WiFi). In addition to the web app, there are short codes that can be dialed for the most important settings.



Can I use it with my Swyx server?

Of course, InstantSIM will be available for our own hosted Swyx products InstantPBX and HostedPBX.

In version 1.0, InstantSIM will be able to connect to other hosted Swyx servers, and also to Swyx servers on premise via an easy interconnection (e.g. VPN) that has to be set up with us.

Once the product is launched, we will work hand in hand with Swyx to connect InstantSIM via RemoteConnector (as all the other Swyx clients do), so our idea is that it will work with any Swyx server out of the box.